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FonYe Group chairman Li Songlin was named 08 wenzhou outstanding entrepreneur.


Wenzhou people's government for Peugeot is advanced, set a good example, give full play to the outstanding entrepreneur plays an important part in the city economy construction, hereby awarded wenzhou outstanding entrepreneurs a title, zhejiang FonYe group chairman Li Songlin award. And the company's leadership collective mind power once ......

Li Songlin was named chairman of the company 08 years of outstanding entrepreneurs in Wenzhou City [2014-9-5]
2008 Wenzhou City, the majority of business managers to actively implement the provincial "two hit" total strategy, strengthen confidence, hard work, tough tackling, forge ahead, and for efforts to a
Learn advanced management concepts, to enhance the core competitiveness [2014-9-5]
The core competence is deeply rooted in the enterprise being able to generate competitive advantage, competition is not easy to imitate the knowledge and skills system. Core competence theory, guide e
"Scotiabank" won the 2007 provincial known firm [2014-9-5]
cities, counties (cities, districts) Business Administration: According to "Zhejiang business firm management and protection regulations", "Zhejiang well-known firm finds ways to" requirement, th
Group won the provincial AA grade credit business [2014-9-5]
Recently, the company has once again been named the Zhejiang industrial and commercial enterprise credit AA grade "Credible" units. All along, the company always uphold the integrity of law-abiding
Zhejiang Scotiabank Group through the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification [2014-9-5]
My company in 1997 by the National Bureau of Metallurgical Industry stainless steel production license and the state Bureau of Petroleum and Chemical Industry, China National Chemical Equipment Corpor
Scotiabank Group settled Ming Keji new stainless steel industrial park land [2014-7-10]
It is reported that, with the development of enterprises, Zhejiang Scotiabank Group Co., Ltd. as one of the leading enterprises in Wenzhou stainless steel, the current scale of production and the envi

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