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Li Songlin was named chairman of the company 08 years of outstanding entrepreneurs in Wenzhou City
2008 Wenzhou City, the majority of business managers to actively implement the provincial "two hit" total strategy, strengthen confidence, hard work, tough tackling, forge ahead, and for efforts to achieve economy of Wenzhou City "to ensure stability and promote tune" to promote economic development patterns and industrial transformation and upgrading made ​​a significant contribution, and the emergence of a large number of innovation, integrity management, performance significantly outstanding entrepreneurs. In recognition of advanced, set an example, give full play to the important role of outstanding entrepreneurs in Wenzhou economic and social development, promote outstanding entrepreneurs with courage, hard work, innovation and entrepreneurship, dedication to the community spirit, the city government decided to grant 24 people. "2008 meritorious entrepreneurs in Wenzhou City "title, awarded to 100 people" outstanding entrepreneurs in Wenzhou City in 2008 "title, and to be informed of recognition, where one of its corporate leadership collective mind power.

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