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Scotiabank Group settled Ming Keji new stainless steel industrial park land

It is reported that, with the development of enterprises, Zhejiang Scotiabank Group Co., Ltd. as one of the leading enterprises in Wenzhou stainless steel, the current scale of production and the environment around the plant can not meet the objective requirements of the situation far, companies increasingly serious shortage of land, landless technological transformation bound development of the enterprise, weakening the competitiveness of enterprises, reducing the brand influence massive economy.

So, Zhejiang Scotiabank Group Co. levy industrial land area of ​​77,736.1 square meters, about 116.604 acres. The total construction area of ​​53,652 square meters rules, included in the floor area ratio of the area of ​​87,929 square meters. Corky settled to the people with the Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, adjacent to Marina Park, located in the East China Sea, Oujiang south coast, 21 km away from the administrative center of Wenzhou City, 13 kilometers Wenzhou railway freight station, 11 km longwan ton wharf, Wenzhou 3 km Yongqiang Airport.

Corky people to new annual production capacity is 20,000 tons of special, high-quality stainless steel pipe production capacity, mainly in large diameter stainless steel seamless pipe, is expected to put into operation by the end of 2012, while the new industrial park land for public Corky Scotiabank Group resolved urgent needs.


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